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The Perfect Signature Cocktails

Choosing the cocktails for your wedding can be an exciting task. It gives a personal touch to your bar while also giving your guests a chance to try a cocktail they normally wouldn't. Here's Lindsay's favorite tips:


Begin With Your Favorite Spirits

You want to choose something that represents your palette. For example, if you prefer vodka and your fiance prefers bourbon, it’s ideal to choose those spirits for your cocktail. Keep in mind, a lot of signature drink recipes can be altered to your preferred spirit of choice. For instance, a cucumber gin gimlet can be replaced with Effen Cucumber Vodka and provide the same delicious experience.

Sweet, Sour, Bold, Bubbly?

We recommend mixing up the different styles of signature cocktails on your menu. It’s important not to overwhelm your bar with sugary drinks so there’s an option for every palette.

Turn Your Wedding Signature Cocktails into Eye Candy

Garnishes are the most important part of a signature drink as they add an aesthetic element. Planning your wedding on a budget but still want that special experience? Great -- throw a lime wheel and a couple of sugared cranberries over a simple vodka cranberry and just like that you have a beautiful drink for a fraction of the cost. Spruce up a Moscow Mule by adding a sprig of mint. The visual experience of a signature drink is just as important as the drink itself while also giving your guests a treat to eat at the end of their cocktail.

Tis’ The Season

It’s important to make sure you are keeping in mind the season when choosing those perfect signature drinks for your wedding or event. Give your guests the chance to embrace the season with every sip. Here are some examples from our wedding signature cocktail menu:

Spring: Click here to read our Spring Signature Cocktail blog on Martha Stewart Weddings

Summer: Watermelon Mojito, Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Fall: Cinnamon Apple Margarita, Peach Bourbon Iced Tea

Winter: Spiced Cranberry Old Fashioned, Vanilla Pear Martini

Signature Drinks as Beautiful as Your Wedding Reception

Tapping back into visual importance - it’s super important to make sure you’ve got a large, readable signature cocktail menu on display at your bar. It should be colorful, short, and include personal touches.

Name your signature drinks based on your and your fiance's experiences together. Where you met, your first date, etc. Have a beloved pet? I bet Rover would love a signature drink named after him. Yes, you should definitely include a photo of your pet too. Consult your bartender for help on this one!

For other tips on planning your signature drinks and wedding bar experience contact us today!

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