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The Dreaded Bar Lines...How To Avoid Them!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Have you ever been to a cocktail hour and instead of mingling, taking in all the beautiful decor, finding your table, and snacking on apps - you’re standing in a bar line that feels like it’s not moving? Not only is this a vibe-killer, it’s also frustrating for your guests who may end up leaving early due to the sheer fact that they weren't able to enjoy cocktails at a reasonable pace. do you avoid this?



We’re wedding bartenders. All of your thirsty guests bellying up at the bar at one time after your ceremony isn’t a surprise to us. It’s expected. At Miss Mixology, we have trained bartenders ready to handle peak bar hours with speed, consistency, and professionalism. We are proud to offer a no-wait guarantee for you and your guests! It’s recommended to consult your service provider and find out what their procedures are to ensure your guests aren’t spending cocktail hour in line at the bar.

If you have a need for speed like we do, get in touch with us today to hear more about our no-wait guarantee. You can also watch this video of bartenders Danielle, Tom & Lindsay crushing a 190 guest cocktail hour in 8 minutes!

The Miss Mix Way

A few things we do to ensure quick service:

  • Set the bar up with all of our items within an arms reach

  • Set up multiple bar stations within one bar

  • Prep multi-step cocktails ahead of time (Old Fashioned, Manhattan, etc)

  • Bring extra ice into the bar area

  • Properly place staff in positions where they shine and can move the quickest

  • Pre-ice cups

  • Prepare trays of cocktails to greet guests with

  • Send a bar assistant into the "line" to take drink orders for beer and wine

  • Best of all - we remember guests' drink choices. We have their drinks ready and waiting when we see them heading to us!

Go Team Go!

Your bartending company should be prepared with a team of staff to execute 5 star service during all hours of bar service - but especially those peak hours. One or two bartenders aren’t going to prevent that long and dreadful line from forming at your wedding. Make sure you’re getting a solid team of professionals behind your bar along with defined processes in place to keep service moving. At Miss Mixology, our packages include the necessary amount of bartenders and bar assistants for each guest count.

Passing Cocktails

Tray passed cocktails are a great touch to your wedding cocktail hour. Who doesn’t like being greeted with a tray full of booze? Hiring a couple cocktail servers is another great way to prevent a line from forming at your bar.

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