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The Birds & The Bees About Hiring a Bartending Service For Your Wedding

We know all about planning a wedding on a budget. Maybe you just bought your first house or are working on your student loans. We get it! Having a budget when planning a wedding is everything. While budget is everything, it’s still important to make sure the bartending company you are choosing not only fits your budget needs but also your demand for stellar service. When you are shopping for a bartending service, factor in what’s included with the prices you have been given. For example, with our pricing, we include everything you’re going to need from the service hours to the mixers. If something isn’t included in our services that you might need, you’ll know up-front in our initial email to you.

Licensing and Insurance

Make sure to find out if your bartending company is licensed and insured. It’s required by the State of Michigan. All of our bartenders and servers have the proper certifications, licensing, and insurance needed to provide a safe and responsible service . These courses also train our staff on health standards, bar cleanliness, proper ways to handle intoxicated guests, and much more. Contact us today to find out how our insurance and certifications are beneficial to both your wedding and wedding venue.

Ability to Answer Questions

Let us help you find the right questions to ask your bartending company. Here are a few great questions you can ask: “Will there be long bar lines?” “Will you set up and breakdown?” “What happens if someone seems overserved?” “What do you provide?”

It’s important that your bartending company can answer all of these quickly and honestly with detail. It’s also important that they ask you questions back and provide suggestions based on your conversation thus far. Here are some of the most important questions your bartender should be asking you:

  • Is your ceremony located close to the bar area?

  • Is your caterer providing service staff?

  • Where will the bar be located?

  • What is your color palette or theme?

Get in touch with us today to find out why these questions are important!


At Miss Mixology, we think that the most important thing to consider is transparency. You don't want to get stuck with hidden fees or additional costs so make sure you understand the following:

  • Fees: Your bartending company should be upfront with costs as well as any extra fees they have which could include taxes, gratuity, travel, and operational.

  • Service hours: Wedding receptions typically last 5-7 hours. So you will want to make sure you have bartending services for enough hours to cover your cocktail hour and reception. If you see a low package price accompanied by a 3 hour service window, know that the price you see will increase as you add on the necessary service hours through the bartending company. All of our packages cover 5-6 hours.

  • Surprise costs for necessities: There are things every wedding bar must have. These include: licensed and insured bartenders, physical bar, ice, cups, napkins, mixers, water, fruit garnishes, straws, cocktail napkins, bar tools & equipment, and bar assistants. Make sure these are included in your services. If they aren’t, you’ll want to find out what the extra costs will be.

  • Set up and breakdown: With Miss Mixology services, all of your setup and breakdown hours are automatically included in our bartending service options. Make sure the bartending company you choose includes all the necessary set up and clean up time needed. If it’s not included directly, find out what the extra costs will be to have someone set up and clean up the bar space.

You Get What You Pay For

Quality of service is critical for a successful wedding bar. Let’s face it, the bar is one of the most important pieces to a wedding reception so you want to make sure the company you hire is reputable and able to handle the tasks at hand. This might mean spending extra money in your budget to have that sense of comfort knowing your bar is handled appropriately. You should be offered at least (2) bartenders for every 100 guests- it’s not service savvy to have one bartender. Who will get ice? Who will stock? Who will cut more fruit? What happens if the bartender needs to step away to use the restroom?

Back to the point, if you have a love for cocktails and demand a great bar experience for your guests, work that into your budget and understand it may cost more for higher quality service.

Quality of Product

The perfect drink starts with two things - a knowledgeable bartender and good products. We all know that a Bulleit & Coke made with canned pop will taste a lot fresher than one made with 2 liter Coke. The cheaper the drink product, the cheaper the drink will taste. Ask your bartending company what products they use, where they get their garnishments, and how they keep everything fresh.

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