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Servers For Your Wedding - Everything You Need To Know!

Servers are an essential piece to every wedding. They handle the jobs that keep the reception going. From emptying garbage cans to filling waters, servers are a must! If you plan on providing your own food or have a caterer that has partial or no service staffing, you’ll need some. It’s also highly recommended to book a bartending company that also provides service staff because there can be incentives when hiring two services from the same company, you’ll have one less vendor to communicate with, and you will have servers and bartenders that are familiar with each other allowing for perfect communication and consistency in training.

Here’s what Miss Mixology offers servers for:

  • Managing dinner service (buffet, plated, family style)

  • Dismissing tables for dinner

  • Bussing plates and drink cups

  • Keeping guest’s water glasses full

  • Managing appetizer service

  • Setting place settings

  • Cutting cake

  • Taking out trash

  • Cleaning up venue prep areas

  • Securing rentals for pick up

Here are some tips when hiring service staff:

How many do I need?

There isn’t a standard answer for this because every wedding reception and task list is different. At Miss Mixology, we take the time during our initial consultation to discuss your service needs and determine how many servers your wedding reception will need. We consider your guest count, catering staff, venue logistics & requirements, and the tasks that need to be performed. You want to be able to depend on the experience and expertise of your wedding bartending & service company to guide you in the right direction.

How many hours do I need them for?

Keep in mind what you are hiring them for. Your service provider should know how many hours are needed based on the tasks given. They will need setup and prep hours, service hours, and extra time to clean up. At Miss Mixology, we have our service staff available in a package format instead of hourly rate to ensure all of your wedding reception tasks are covered, regardless of how long it takes! Careful with hourly rate, if they stay longer than the billed time - you may get a surprise bill the next day.

Who supplies the supplies?

Supplies are necessary to all service related tasks. Trays, tray stands, bus tubs, towels, disinfectant, backup napkins, cutlery, etc etc. Your service company should be providing all of this on your behalf. Make sure to ask them what they are supplying for you and if there’s anything extra you need to have for them.

Do they know my venue?

Each venue has their own set of rules and clean up protocols. Make sure your service staff knows them because you may not know all of them (and that’s perfectly ok). For instance, some venues require service staff to sweep and mop. Others, to take out all the trash. If these tasks aren’t handled in full, you may lose your security deposit. At Miss Mixology, we know all of our venues inside and out and have trusted relationships with the venue staff. If it’s a new venue for us, we make sure to give them a call and discuss their specific requirements prior to your wedding.

Get in touch with Miss Mixology to have all of your service staff questions answered!


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