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Covid Policy


While we have always exercised extreme sanitation and carefulness with our services, we understand the need for even more with the COVID-19 outbreak. Our team will come prepared with a face masks, extra gloves, sanitation buckets, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant spray. 


Any services that we previously have allowed to be self-serve will be placed behind the bar for the bartender to serve. These include infused water, refreshment stations, and coffee services. 


Our bartenders are subject to temperature checks prior to their shift. If they are feeling ill, they are required to let us know. If your assigned bartender is feeling ill and unable to make the shift, we have plans in place to immediately replace that bartender without sacrificing any of your booked services.


We ask that the bar is located in an open area not within 6 feet of any guest tables so we can properly follow the CDC guidelines.


Again, sanitation and proper handwashing has always been a Miss Mixology standard and we are prepared to keep you and your guests safe at your event while serving the best drinks in town.

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